The safety and well-being of our customers and team members is our number one priority. The key to minimise the spread of COVID-19 will be social distancing, keeping everyone at 2 metres. Signage and markings will be in place and appropriate PPE for staff where necessary. Additionally, please be prepared by bringing your own face masks on the day of sailing. All staff will be wearing masks and gloves. CPS Check-In Staff will be wearing face shields, masks, and gloves.

Due to the ongoing Coronavirus situation and the interactive nature of exchanging cash, we will only be operating with debit/credit card payments on the day.

Routine cleaning, all our office equipment will be sanitised before and after each operation by using antiseptic wipes and sanitizer sprays. All our Handsets, Radios & Laptops will be sanitised before during and after the day’s operation with antiseptic wipes. CPS Minibuses will be sanitised prior to the operation with antiseptic wipes and spray, if required during the operation and once the operation has concluded. Good hygiene and cleaning will be maintained in all areas. The CPS Cleaning Station will have ample supply of hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes, and spare PPE.

Receptionist will check in customers vehicle on arrival at the terminal, each staff member will have their own handset and a set location on the terminal, ensuring that they are 2 metres from the next receptionist and the vehicle driver. Once checked-in the customers will be instructed to remove their own luggage from the vehicle, and to proceed to the nearest luggage POD, or Porter on duty.

A CPS staff member will clean the steering wheel of the customers vehicle and spray sanitizer into the vehicle prior to the driver moving it to the storage location who will be wearing the correct PPE i.e. mask and gloves. On return Antiseptic wipes and sanitizer spray will be made available to all customers.

CPS Meet & Greet Staff located at the terminal will maintain the 2-metre rule between them and the returning customers At the Key Collection Point staff members will be located behind clear Perspex screens, customers will be asked to queue 2 metres apart, this will be marked out on the compound/walkway by either tape or painted lines. Marshals will remain 2 metres apart from the customers and guide them to their vehicles in the normal way.