Cruise & Passenger Services Ltd (“CPS”)

Terms of business for the supply of car parking and ancilliary services




Bookings made through our web site are deemed to be made when validated on the web site.


Bookings made by telephone are deemed to be made when confirmed by CPS call centre operator.


Bookings made by post are deemed to be made when written confirmation is sent by CPS to the customer


All services are subject to availability.


Alterations to sailing times


CPS keeps shipping movements under continuous review and will automatically alter a customer’s booking to any new time and date announced by a cruise operator




Cancellations must be advised in writing by email, fax or post.


Refunds will be made to customers where the written notice of cancellation is received by CPS 48 hours or more before departure of the ship in question, but reserve the right to apply a deduction of an administration charge of £15 (Southampton, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Tilbury) £19.70 (Dover) of the fee paid by the customer.


CPS reserves the right not to refund fees to customers where notice of cancellation is not advised within the timeframe set out in 3.2 or through a “no show” on the day of departure.


Where any customer wishes to curtail the length of stay for a service, once the service has commenced, CPS reserves the right to hold the customer liable to pay the fee for the whole service originally booked.




All prices quoted are in pounds Sterling and include VAT.


Payment for a booking on our website or by telephone can only be made using an accepted debit or credit card.


Payment for a booking made through the post can be made using a accepted debit or credit card or by cheque. If payment is made by cheque this should be made payable to “Cruise and Passenger Services Limited” and crossed “A/C Payee”.


If payment by card is declined or if a payment cheque is returned uncleared, CPS reserve the right not to fulfil your booking..


If payment is made by debit or credit card it will be necessary for CPS to disclose the customer’s relevant personal details to the relevant card issuer who will process the customer’s data in order to process the payment. A customer’s data will not be disclosed to third parties other than the financial institution for the chosen payment method.


No vehicle will be released until full payment has been received. This will not limit CPS rights to recover payments due after release. Release of a vehicle will be upon presentation of a valid receipt document to be issued at the time of delivery, production of which shall be deemed to authorise the person producing same to take away, on payment of charges. A lien is therefore given by the customer in respect of any unpaid charges. In the event of non collection of vehicle for more than 3 months after original collection date, then the vehicle may be sold at best price obtainable and the proceeds used to pay outstanding sums.


Customer service


Vehicles must be left by the customer in a mechanically sound condition and with sufficient fuel to see them handled within CPS parking areas and out onto the public road system.


Customer vehicles will be parked within Dock Estates and can be exposed dust, salt air and bird lime. CPS takes no responsibility for dust or particle accumulation or any damage caused to paint work, soft top or any other part of a vehicle arising from the environment conditions.


In providing the services booked by the customer, customer vehicles will be driven by the servants and agents of CPS. The customer in booking services with CPS gives their permission for the servants and agents of CPS to drive their vehicles both within the Dock Estates and, where required, on the Public Highway.


In the unlikely event that you should wish to collect your vehicle prior to your scheduled return date, at least 24 hours notice is required to arrange collection. CPS reserves the right to hold the customer liable to pay the fee for the whole service originally booked. No refunds will become due on any ‘unused’ portion of any parking already paid.




Customer vehicles are parked at their owner’s risk. CPS accepts no liability for any loss or damage except to the extent that it is proved that such loss or damage is caused by the negligence, wilful default or breach of statutory duty of CPS, its servants or agents. In particular CPS accepts no responsibility for

  • Any damage to the windscreen or any other glass in the customer’s vehicle.
  • Any Damage to vehicle wheels or tyres.
  • Any theft, loss or damage to any personal property or loose items left within the vehicle while it is parked.


The customer shall inspect his vehicle and report any claim, loss or damage to CPS staff prior to removing the vehicle from CPS custody. CPS accepts no liability for any loss or damage reported after vehicles have left the premises. All claims must be put into writing and received by CPS within 72 working hours of collection of the vehicle. Claims not submitted within this time will be deemed as closed.


CPS reserves the right for its servants or agents or any relevant Police Authority to move or remove any vehicle to safeguard any person or property against injury or damage or in the event of an actual or perceived threat to security and to remove vehicles which are, or appear to be, stolen or abandoned.



These Terms are governed by the law of England & Wales and are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England & Wales.