Few cities in the world have arrival points in the heart of the city; Sydney, New York, Venice and now Liverpool.

Liverpool Cruise Terminal is fast earning a reputation as one of the most desirable cruise destinations in Europe.

Since opening in 2007, more than 126 cruise ships have called into Liverpool bringing over 250,000 passengers and crew.

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  • Positions-Latitude North 53 Y 24’ 00′
  • Positions-Longitude West 2 Y 59’ 52′
  • Berths 1
  • Minimum Length No minimum length
  • Maximum Length 350 metres
  • Width No restrictions
  • Draught No restrictions
  • Passenger Terminal Yes
  • Pilotage Compulsory Yes
  • Tugs Available Yes
  • Tidal Movement / Range 10 metres
  • Bunkering Yes
  • Waste Disposal Yes
  • Water Yes
  • Provisions Yes
  • Port Hours No restrictions
  • Shore Excursions An excellent selection of cultural and diverse experiences available